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Good job!

So the first impression was: Hoss Delgado crossed with Korgoth of Barbaria fights silly villains just like the Tick.

I really admire your work. Drawing all the symbols, animating, inventing creative ways to die, good music and decent voice acting. Waiting for more.

Nice job.

The animation and artwork are great. The only two things I would improve are some sound effects and voice acting ( it was OK, but it could have been better ). BTW the loading time was quite long.

I hope there will be a WFB collab in the future. I would like to try my VA skills.

By the Emprah, keep up the good work.

Yay finaly a WH40K collab!

I rate it 7/10.

Voice acting - It was well... quite bad. For example some of the voices didn't fit the characters (the british marine and the blood raven) I pledge to do some acting for fantasy collab. I believe my skills are at least a bit better than those in the collab. ( must do a demo, for now watch my flash. NOTE: I am capable of doing much more)

Graphics - some were really great, specially from flashbound18 and BoMbLu

Humour - it was OK

Size - c'mon it's ridiculous. Street figther has 28.5 and much much more content. Don't do the same thing with the fantasy collab.

Preloader - Very good...for the first 5 times later you have to turn the volume off because the flash is loading so long. BTW I have made a WFB themed Newgrounds logo with a steam tank.

My favourite part was with the Terminator reference.

Hope this review helps.

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You can do better...

Seriously you can. I'm not an expert or anything, but if I were you I would:

- pick few, several voices that are my best ( quality over quantity)

- made a shorter clip ( 3 min. max )

- wrote a script ( well random stuff can be great, but only if it's well executed. Nobody wants to listen to something like"What to say? What to say? hmmm... I KNOW...nope can't do that" )

* optional - add background music and/or sound effects that fit the voice

Hope that helps. Looking forward hearing your next clip.


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It's not the best, but is definitely above the avrage.

+ : irish, french, mid-western/western, californian

meh: NY, british

- : scottish, russian, japanesse

Keep up the good work.

I would also like to know your opinion on my accents.

Ninjkabat responds:

I think it's funny that many people don't like my Japanese accent; I speak Japanese and have heard the actual accent for years.

I guess people think Chinese Accent = Japanese Accent


The music is to loud and doesn't fit the voices. Make a new demo, because you've got some VA skills.

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